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Chava's Memorial Quilt

Chava’s Memorial Quilt

The journey with grief after the loss of a child is long and lonely. Although the circumstances around  the death of a child might be different, the emptiness that a parent feels is life-altering. That moment in time changes who we are forever. It also effects every member of the immediate family, extended family, and communities of which we are a part. The loss has a rippling effect on the family for years to come and plays a part in everyone’s life as they face changes in their own lives and move forward. We all struggle to find ways to face family holidays and celebrations of life that surround us. Our emotions are varied, complicated, and ever changing.

Grief is an individual process and each person’s path is different. Perhaps over time we learn to carry our loss as we move through our lives, but the grief is always with us. As the years go by, we each find ways to ease our pain and find some peace. For some of us expressing ourselves creatively through a variety of art forms such as writing, poetry, journaling, painting, quilting, photography  and singing. Others have reached out to others by creating foundations or volunteering. Some find solace being in nature and gardening. My hope is that through sharing our stories of loss and healing we will feel less alone and can offer each other comfort on our long journey.